To be happy is partly to know what makes you unhappy and be willing to let go of that. It is also to return to that source that will not come and go, to allow a presence that receives whatever is. And in that moment realise that you are whole. What does this wholeness bring you? A relaxation that will alllow things to naturally unfold for the best of us all.

I offer you guidance and methods into the being of happiness.

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Let yourself sink into the holding a guided meditation can give you. Practising and reminding yourself every day or from time to time your intention with the help from a meditation. There is also a possibility to order a specific meditation around your personal focus.

When we want a specific change to occur in our lives, it is not enough to show up every second week or so. We have to remind ourselves on a daily basis what we want to see grow in our lifes and in the world. For that, a daily guided meditation can be a good tool. 

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Explore and expand within a group is multiple joy and clarity. You can see yourself and life from so many angles and perspectives that the lonely self cannot cover. And that is also in itself the best practise to land on Earth, to see other people as your reflections and experience that you can affect them and the room with your own attitude and choice. 

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